“The Lawrence Arts Center’s Nine Forty Live series has showcased innovative local and regional musicians for the past five years. But its reputation perhaps leans on tried-and-true singer-songwriter bookings more than it does on classical or concert music. The series is open to all genres, but you’re less likely to run into John Cale than you are to hear Grant Hart, Matt Pryor, Drakkar Sauna or Truckstop Honeymoon.

“Fans of local music might be familiar with Morgan’s work as part of the on-again, off-again murder-ballad specialist In the Pines. But the Wires achieves an altogether different sound, and this event promises to entrance — thanks not least to a live video installation by artist Benjamin Parks.”

“The video element of this production will make it particularly wonderful,” Ric Averill, the Lawrence Arts Center’s artistic director, writes in an email. “The Wires are amazing musicians and creative collaborative artists. Their music is bold, accessible and fresh.”

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