Last held August 2017, the Foundry Art Centre presents an all media exhibition focusing on the written word’s role in the visual arts. Contemporary society is saturated with media and this exhibition showcases how intertwined the literary and visual arts are. Submitting artists can utilize the written word literally, symbolically, texturally, and/or referentially.

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Benjamin Parks

Mom cleverly communicates the tension between reading and viewing without sacrificing the emotional impact of the subject matter. From afar the monumental portrait reads like a conventional painting, but from close up the viewer can read the text that glosses the image. At this distance, the image dissolves into an abstract grid of brushwork. Parks carefully weighs formal elements like scale, color and contrast to make the painting effective for reading and viewing alike. The work demands more of the viewer – more time, more movement, more empathy — and rewards them accordingly. The veil of text reminds the viewer that portraiture reveals as much about the artist as the subject, and that all forms of communication carry noise in the signal. Uniting text and image, the emotional impact of Mom is more than the sum of its parts.

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