Litho Eye Blink, Wall #2

An NFT of a wall from an interactive installation.

This is a stop motion NFT of ‘Wall #2’ of the installation ‘1,2,3’.

This ‘Wall #2’ consists of 57 Lithographs of a blinking eye.

Video of the Full Install Below

Full Installation Project Below (More NFT’s from this project coming soon)

“1,2,3” explores consciousness from the view of human existence and how an individual’s perspective affects reality. I am interested in looking at spirituality as a way of living internally as opposed to spirituality through a religious creed of control.

I’ve heard spiritual teachers and religious leaders state that 3 is designated as a holy number.  Is it? This is an exploration with no directions. No answers are sought or found.

The projection is made up of video loops that react to answers. The round pieces of wood act as buttons answering audible questions playing in the room as ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’.

The rudimentary podium design represents how simple life can be. We can live to eat, shit, sleep, and have sex. By contrast, the projection represents a look inside the experience of consciousness and explores how deep existence can be. The cycle of videos reacting to the buttons appear to be confusing. However, they follow a simple pattern when looked at closely. Is life much the same? Are the rules of the Universe simple and we cannot see them? Or are they seeable and we refuse to look?

The lithographs lining the walls are based on screenshots of each section of the looping video projections. These represent moments captured in time stored as scars and memories.

The Video clips are of my son’s eye with a reflection of myself clearly visible. How do we reflect and absorb each other’s influence?

The project is done in multiples of 3’s.

The video loops are broken into 3 sections representing sadness/anger, aversion/ignorance and presence/unknowing. The lithographs are 6 rows of 9. There are nine questions playing audibly in the room.

The installation can be interacted with on location via the wooden podium. There will also be an option to interact with the projection online via a web browser, circumstances permitting.