I am showing a piece at the Smalter Gallery. The show is entitled W39th Street: Art From Here

Opening Aug 2nd: https://www.facebook.com/events/340630373554363/

Join us on First Friday for a celebration of artists connected to W 39th street. I put out an open call for artists who love 39th, work on 39th or live near 39th and holy cow did you all respond! This exhibition includes 45 works from 20 artists and will be a sight to see – the majority of works will be at or under $500, and all works will be under $1000. There’s something for everyone in this one, folx. Don’t miss it. It is my love letter to a community who has welcomed the gallery with open arms and I couldn’t be happier to have chosen this neighborhood as my home.

Cover photo for this event is “How Does It Feel” by Benjamin Parks

Artists included: Onnissia Harries, Benjamin Parks, Austin McDaniel, Wes Casey, Troy McEvers, Bianca Fields, Roy McDonald, Linda Jurkiewicz, Dora Agbas, Hubbard Savage, Brittany Marie Noriega, Chelsea Klamm, Dani Coronado, Michael Cawthon, Paper Monkey, Desiree Warren, Katherine C. Bello, Eli Pupovac, F. Max Fearing, Dylan Bond and more!

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